The Rise of AI in Digital Marketing - Personalized Customer Experiences in 2024

The Rise of AI in Digital Marketing - Personalized Customer Experiences in 2024

23 April 2024 | By - Sudha Mariappan
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Introduction to AI In Digital Marketing

Every business needs sustainability to thrive in the market. The mere traditional practices of marketing will not take your business anywhere. Every business now has its task enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which makes it easier for the business to stay ahead of the curve and break into the competition.

From personalized chatbots to analytics to content creation, AI has made our lives better.

Effective Campaigns: Marketing campaigns are essential for businesses to succeed and stay in the market. Good strategies such as chatbots, targeted advertising, and repetitively generated content will keep customers for a long time. Here’s where AI’s features come into play. AI’s ability to do tasks that humans cannot and their constant analysis of vast data allow marketers to segregate customers' demographics and preferences. Chatbots are cost-effective, increase engagement from customers, and improve their personalized experience. They are available 24/7 and are more efficient in sales and marketing.

Customized Chatbot: Personalized chatbots are specifically designed for customers to predict, and analyze what they are looking for and accordingly provide solutions for their inquiries beforehand. Customers can either chat or voice the request so that chatbots can predict and reply. For example, Indeed, a leading job searching platform, has a personalized chatbot to learn more about the job applicant so that the applicant will not have any trouble with further job searches.

Customer segmentation: Where everything is becoming digital, customer segmentation has also become digitized. Gone are the days when people used traditional methods of segregating customers by location, occupation, gender, and other demographics.
With AI-generated customer segmentation, it becomes easier for businesses to precisely portray the target audience's behavior. Algorithms play a major role in assessing current changes in your business competition and economic recessions. AI helps achieve more returns from the ROI (Return On Investment).

Make Data Driven decisions: A data-driven decision is a process that involves collecting and interpreting data to gain insights that inform decision-making processes. AI can handle massive sets of data and recognize patterns, making it effective for data-driven decisions. Through AI analytics, businesses can delve into individual customer behaviors and demographics.

Your business can tailor your products according to customers' preferences, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by applying those strategies to your target audiences. We have the privilege to use AI as humans cannot do routine and time-consuming tasks associated with data analysis, we can focus more on complex and strategic aspects of business operations.

Personalized Customer Experiences for Brands in 2024

Grammarly: Grammarly's generative AI is available to all Grammarly customers. It offers suggestions and improvements through generative AI on the applications customers are working on. This technology provides the best security and privacy standards, so customer data is safe. The extensions provided by browsers such as Chrome, and Firefox enable Grammarly's generative AI features to work perfectly. It works across more than 500,000 applications and websites, enhancing productivity and making users produce high-quality content. Generative AI helps produce relevant text with user commands.

Amazon: Amazon, a major E-Commerce company, uses Aisera's AI, which is used for service, which handles repetitive requests, tasks, and workflows. It reduces wait times and increases customer satisfaction scores. It also offers omnichannel support (multichannel support) and works with existing systems to solve customer queries quickly. Aisera’s AI includes key features of 1000+ integrations, conversational AI, and over 200 pre-trained workflows for task automation.

BATA: Lately, Bata has been using to offer an AI-based video analytics solution that uses existing video infrastructure to gather data and generate insights. The brand went on with creating AI-generated shoe content without needing real people for advertisement.

The platform made repetitive tasks easier, identified their flaws, where they lacked, and analyzed their sales and operations to predict the statistics of all offline stores. The solution increased the conversion ratio, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved store staff efficiency.

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Nykaa: Nykaa, a trendy online fashion and beauty e-commerce business, automated their customer support services mainly to focus on the customer experience. They collaborated with AI to handle repetitive requests using bot questions to understand intentions using AI and machine learning tools. Customers were very satisfied and happy with the personalized experience, which made the base more loyal. In the first 30 days, Nykaa handled 1.6 million conversations and introduced a "Beauty Advice" button by using AI, surpassing 90% customer satisfaction.

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