Advance SEO Techniques to expand your business in 2023

Advance SEO Techniques to expand your business in 2023

21 January 2024 | By - Krishna Mohod
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In this era of competition and challenges, Every business needs good digital marketing strategies to grow their business. From posting regularly on social media to driving traffic towards the website by using SEO strategy, helps the business to reach at the top. Website is an online store to make it popular enough, you need to rely on various Search engine Optimization Techniques.

We have compiled for you 4 best advanced SEO techniques which will definitely help you to drive the return on investment you did on SEO(Search Engine Optimization).To get a job done, You can use following SEO tricks and techniques which will help you to increase your sales, online store visits, or generate leads. Stay tuned with us to learn more about these various Search Engine Optimization tools you can ultimately utilise to expand your business, If you want any support Ontogen Digital can help:

4 Advanced SEO Tricks and Techniques:
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1.Reoptimize old content: To increase the traffic towards your website, first of all, keep checking that the content which is already published on your website is fresh or not, if not then, you must re-optimize the content with adding fresh feeds. Old content is just like a car without power steering. Re-built your own content with trends and see how SERP’s works.

2.Build Mobile friendly Website: It’s essential for small as well as large businesses to develop mobile friendly websites. In fact, it’s not a technique, It’s a requirement. Some reports say that 50% of the Internet Traffic comes from mobile devices. As it means that mobile devices are mostly used by people to read content.

3.Built an Internal Linking Process: To utilize your SEO in a better way, the size of your website doesn’t matter, you need a proper linking process for SEO. To gain organic traffic, to generate leads and sales, Internal linking with any other website is essential. It can gradually help the robots that crawl and index your site

4.Google RankBrain: RankBrain refers to the machine learning algorithms from google. This algorithm keeps watch on how consumers or users interact with search results, like if they click on a website what they see at the most on your website page and they come back or not to that particular website. If you want to raise your SERPs then think like, how google thinks.

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