NEOM: Well planned to establish its dream smart city – LINE

NEOM: Well planned to establish its dream smart city – LINE

15 January 2024 | By - Krishna Mohod
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As always, NEOM- One of the leading organisations well-known for its finest architectural designs and for building smart cities in South Arabia. Meanwhile, NEOM came with its new technological concept named LINE- the smart city which will be interconnected with its resilient environment, a city where everything is interlinked and works together holistically to possess a predictive personalised and immersive experience. Equipped with all necessary services including autonomous, self-healing services that will definitely enhance the daily life of common people.

And by the societal aspects, a seamless creation is one that will bring people together without barriers. No doubt, it will be well-recognized today and always for its unique designs and nurtured environment. More than 9 million people can survive in this technologically developed city. The city is created on a footprint of just 34 square kilometres.

Thus, it will possess an ideal climate all year and will ensure that people must enjoy the surrounding nature. Residents will easily get access to each and every facility accommodated in it in just a five-minute walk. And the interesting fact is there will be a high-speed rail with end-to-end transit of 20 minutes so you can travel from one end of the city to another in just 20 minutes.

Keeping in mind sustainable development, the city will be occupied with fresh air without carbon emissions. Vehicles like cars and bikes will be completely restricted in the city.

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Thus, it will operate on 100% renewable energy including the works of its industries. The collaboration of natural greenery and open spaces wherever needed will serve a significant role in purifying air quality. Furthermore, the LINE will have automated services powered and nurtured by Artificial Intelligence. All amenities in close proximity will instantly break the distances between you and your family and friends. In the end, Thanks to the NEOM for developing such creative ideas for the development purpose of human beings.

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