3 Future Technologies which will change the future of human beings.

3 Future Technologies which will change the future of human beings.

16 January 2024 | By - Krishna Mohod
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Technology is the powerhouse on its own and bringing diverse change is its nature. Whether you love it or not, technology is rapidly emerging and changing the lifestyle of all human creatures. Some very intelligent minds are working in the field and creating the next piece to make the human future more technologically advanced. No doubt, all innovations happening currently in our society are ripped straight from the books of science-fiction.

Fortunately or Unfortunately, Robots are reading minds, AI becoming intelligent in creating images on their own, and bionic eyes or other mind-blowing technology, you can expect a lot from future technology. Below we have picked out some of the world’s largest and most advanced technologies upcoming in this world.

Flying Cars

Due to overpopulation, it seems that there is not much space left on the roads, but AI always has a better solution to such sorts of problems. Thus, it is developing some algorithms which will make our dreams true. Flying cars are ready to boast off in the future as there are already many designs manufactured and it will not take a lot of time to inbuilt one and unveil it in the sky. Perhaps, till the day comes, we have other forms of personal transport, jetpacks, for example, have been a famous flagship and thrill-seekers for decades.

Brain Reading Robot

One of the most interesting practices created by the researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is Brain Reading Robots. Thanks to the machine-learning and researchers who have managed to develop a means for tetraplegic patients(those who can’t move their upper or lower body)to communicate with other people. This newly emerged AI technology would perform simple tasks like moving around an obstacle. The algorithms adjust to individual preferences and brain signals. In the upcoming days, it might connect to wheelchairs or assistant machines for tetraplegic patients.

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AI Image Creator

Artificial intelligence always defines its excellency through its creative innovation. This time, it came with its new technology which will really surprise you. AI has designed extraordinary software that has the ability to create images from just worded prompts. This technology is named as Dall-E. Hopefully, we can eagerly see this technology to create art exhibitions, for firms to get quick original illustrations as well as to create memes on the internet.

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