10 benefits of having a strong social media presence for your business

10 benefits of having a strong social media presence for your business

4 May 2024 | By - Sudha Mariappan
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You have a brand and you want it to be promoted all across the world. You know you have social media and nowadays it is the only platform where you can reach your brand to the audience swiftly.

But, social media is not only for posting your perfect latte art or your backyard, having a strong presence can bring you exponential benefits. Through social media, you can easily reach more people and get customers by making your brand visible.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter are profitable ways to promote your brand since almost 4.2 billion people in the world are using them, it becomes more consistent for people to hang out on it most of the time . When people trust you with your brand, consider you win the race. You’ll get new leads that get converted to customers, and if your customers are happy and satisfied with your services or products, you'll get more deals later on.

So let me introduce you to 10 benefits of having a strong social media presence if you choose to spend a few hours on social media per week.

1. Your trustworthy and effective customer service to keep retaining them:

While it is important that your brand needs a customer base, the most important thing is you also need to respond to your customers' queries about your brand. In that way, you can build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

You can respond to customers quickly in no time, as when it comes to social media, all it takes is a direct message to message your customers. Popular apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin all have direct message features that are very convenient for your business to flourish.

2. Being relatable with your audience

There are ‘n’ number of trends going on every day. From relatable office memes on Instagram reels to soft launching the brand like offering a sneak peek or showing behind the scenes which will build anticipation among the audience. Instagram has even started by adding music audio to carousel posts to make them more aesthetic.

Creating posts that will make your audience go like, “Hey, that’s so relatable, that happened to me yesterday!” will make them connect with your brand immediately.

3. Promoting your brand without any third party:

Gone are the days when middlemen were there for literally anything. Startups can rely on themselves now, without any third party. You can post your brand on social media without any intermediary. Audiences will look at your brand through LinkedIn posts, Instagram reels, and even through Twitter.

4. New leads every day

Lead generations are vital and at the heart of creating any brand. Without any leads, your brand will be stranded in a desert. But if you use social media logically and attract more customers, 90% of the time those viewers convert into leads and boost up your business.

5.Get your network cycle

As a brand owner, you need to constantly look out for opportunities. Which only helps when you use your social media platform to connect with fellow brand owners. Collaboration with business owners can be greatly beneficial for the growth of your business.

Especially collaborating through influencer marketing for brand exposure and fellow business owners will increase visibility.

6.Connect through SEO

Optimizing your social media page by adding relevant keywords will make your page appear when people search related to your brand. Adding a physical location will make your brand easily recognizable, Facebook and Google are prime examples of that.

Sharing valuable and accurate content deserves recognition from your audience. When the audience trusts you, they boost your SEO by sharing your content.

7. Advertise your brand with effective costing

Compared to traditional advertising like banners and posters, you can just pay for cost-per-click, 1000 lead impressions and all, which are so effective yet cost less. By this, you can concentrate on your other tasks such as filtering out your target audience. By sponsored content, you can cover more audiences such as influencer marketing.

You can also not spend any money and go on with your advertising. For example, you can choose to post carousels and video ads free of cost. But when it comes to organic advertising, you need to remember that consistently posting your content will help you to reach your audience. Don’t keep your brand page stale.

8. Withhold your reputation with your audience

Without any sense of trust, any brand will collapse. It is important to note that all brands, including well-established brands, need their reputation to hold in front of the audience to know about them. Startups have a great opportunity to build their reputation in the social media world as the reach is wide and fast.

People when they start loving your brand, will automatically do the work of sharing your brand information everywhere.

9. Increased ROI & Sales

To increase Return On Investment and Sales, all you need to do is to know how different social media platforms work. Each one has a different purpose. For example, using hashtags on Twitter, using visual videos on Facebook, and Instagram reels with catchy content, and posting content on relevant pages on LinkedIn.

Following these purposes will lead to more audience engagement and will convert your sales into money. Posting on social media is a great way to get more sales as people are always using social media, which you can take up to your advantage.

10.Make your business measurable

Social media allows your business to measure your success. Isn’t that great? To know where exactly you stand in terms of Return On Investment, or advertisement cost you can use Instagram analytics tools to measure your success.

To help you with that, we as a digital marketing agency have the expertise to measure your metrics, calculate your ROI, and boost your sales.

A digital marketing agency not only will service you with these, but also give you step by step on how to leverage your social media presence to get more leads. If you need our services, contact us at info@ontogendigital.com, and subscribe to our blog for more such updates.

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