Comparison of Gemini AI, ChatGPT4, and Microsoft Copilot.

Comparison of Gemini AI, ChatGPT4, and Microsoft Copilot.

30 April 2024 | By - Sudha Mariappan
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Which one could be more authentic for digital marketing?

Let's keep a competition between the popular Artificial intelligence (AI) ChatGPT4, Gemini AI, and Microsoft Copilot. Which one will win?

In this ever-changing digital marketing world, we should know to be the expert in Artificial Intelligence, for our own business benefit as marketers or businessmen.

But first, let us have a look at how these popular AIs were created.

If you look into many industries, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly breaking records. Though Artificial Intelligence is helping out many, people are more worried about what it will do to us negatively. The reason being companies all over the world firing people left and right over AI.

But these three companies, OpenAI, Microsoft and Google, have made sure to create Artificial Intelligence that will make it easier to do our work rather than it being a threat in our lives.

The origin of these Artificial Intelligence.

ChatGPT: ChatGPT is used for writing new text for your writing content or assignments. It does that by creating a chat piece of software, where users can enter their query and it will process the answer.

Gemini AI: Gemini AI was created by Google, which was formerly known as Bard. It is used to make exactly like human conversations. It tries to gather millions of data using a language named Natural Language processing and Machine learning for its human conversations.

Microsoft Copilot: Microsoft Copilot is mainly used to improve your work that you do on a daily basis. It was introduced by Microsoft 365, the all in one app for Microsoft Office. Microsoft Copilot works through business chat, where you can give some prompt like, “Can you walk me through my upcoming meetings”, and it will exactly tell whatever meetings we’re to be held tomorrow.

How do these AI process information?

ChatGPT: The team of OpenAI has trained ChatGPT to be more conversational exactly like humans. It takes knowledge from hundreds of systems as it is a large learning program and uses that information to answer our questions just like a human would.

Gemini AI: Gemini AI uses a language called Natural Language Process to know how human communicate and tries to talk like us humans. But, Gemini AI just tries to provide technical answers instead of trying to answer them like humans as of now. More improvements are coming in the future.

Microsoft Copilot: Similar to ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot uses the same language Large Language Models as ChatGPT which it uses for gathering information from emails, calendars, chats and documents.

How up to date is it?

To test how every AI is whether up to date, we asked the AI itself how updated they are. Obviously, The free version does not have many updates.

ChatGPT: The free version is GPT3.5, which you can see in the screenshot attached below. It has only been updated till 2022. The plus version is, however, very helpful for many reasons. It can create images through AI, protect your privacy, not only provide responses through chat but also read through the responses.


Gemini AI: Gemini AI is a free software with 1.0pro. It has the capability to use over 40 languages to talk to us. It works the same as ChatGPT but Google has created a new version of Gemini which is Gemini Advanced. This advanced version is used for coding, anything you need instructions for, and give ideas for new content for digital marketers.

Gemini AI

Microsoft Copilot: There is no doubt the premium version has more features than the free version. Copilot has a GPT3.5 version, which will show you the data up to the year 2021. The premium version has the access of GPT4 which has nuanced features including more accurate text, images, and you can also train your chat and shape them according to you.

Microsoft Copilot

Which one is more reliable for online marketing?

For digital marketers, it is crucial to have budget friendly options as well as up to date options. Therefore,

ChatGPT: For writers it helps with creating content. For social media marketing it helps with finding content with latest trends and creating them according to the latest trends. It can create backlinks and optimize through SEO.

Gemini AI: This Artificial Intelligence has the full capability to find our target audience and predict what type of user behavior it intends. Marketers are born to promote, in advertising and marketing, Gemini AI helps with proper promotional strategies, making it more useful.

Copilot: While all AI are helping us marketers to find target audience and tailor our content according to them, Copilot offers similar services. Microsoft 365 has launched dynamic 365 customer insights where Copilot offers more nuanced assistance for us digital marketers to promote our products.

Who wins?

Though all AI are advanced in their own unique ways, it is important to note that every marketer has different needs and three of the AIs can help you with that. It really depends on how your business needs marketing and advertising. For example, if you need your blogs to be improved, your email marketing needs to be amplified, you can use ChatGPT. If you need to use image creation for free and also find your audience according to your niche, you’ve got Gemini AI, which you cannot do from ChatGPT. If you need more business assistance and corporate solutions, you can use Copilot, as it has been created mainly for business professionals.

However, you need to keep in mind that creating content from AI has its own drawbacks. From repetitive content to misinformation, AI can also disrupt your content. It is important to check with a human editor to create more authentic, natural content.

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