Marketing to GenZ with Creative Video Content :

Marketing to GenZ with Creative Video Content :

28 December 2022 | By - Krishna Mohod
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Who all marketers want to connect with Gen Z? This article is for all those marketers who want to deal with Gen Z. We collected some relevant tips to produce content and engage Gen Z with your marketing and advertising strategy. Hope, this guide will help you to enhance your marketing skills and make your content successful.

It is difficult for marketers to grab the attention of Gen Z, as they are more advanced in technology. Most of the Gen-Z do not follow or give value to traditional media. They ignore all types of traditional marketing and advertising strategies. But, if it seems, somehow, there is one medium left where they have their full attention. Needless to Say: Video Content.

Interesting and Reliable video content is the absolute key to connect with Gen-Z on a personal level. You can use Instagram,TikTok or YouTube to create marketing video content. This content will also help you to build brand trust, and develop a large community of loyal and trustworthy fans.

GenZ refers to the new kids who blocked their place on the earth between the years 1997 to 2012. This generation seems to be fully advanced and looks like they came into this world to shake things up. More friendly to technology and digital gears, they are spending their almost time searching on online media.

Gen-Z are more likely than any other generation to analyse a product online and they’re not afraid to shop around for the best deals. Infact, they found it easy to purchase online instead of shopping from local stores.

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GenZ prefers visuals compared to text. It is claimed and it will be followed in the upcoming years too. We plotted some strategies that will help you to win Gen-Z kids attention:

Keep Interactive Content Strategy:

Whatever content you produce on a daily basis, try to keep it more interactive because GenZ likes to involve and interact with the surroundings around them.

Generate Augmented Reality Content:

GenZ loves AR(Augmented Reality). Keep producing your content using these technologies. Because it gives them an experience before purchasing the product.

Use a hook:

Using a hook, you can create relatable and shareable content which has 100% chances to go viral. Content could be of any aspect: just try to relate it with the new-digital era.

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