What are Paid Ads? How do paid ads drive conversions in digital marketing?

What are Paid Ads? How do paid ads drive conversions in digital marketing?

26 April 2024 | By - Sudha Mariappan
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Introduction to Online Paid Ads

When we want our brand to get more views, advertising is the main mode to consider. Previously, traditional advertising involved putting up banners in various parts of the city to make the brand visible. But nowadays, online paid advertising works in a more efficient way.

Online paid advertising gives us marketers an advantage in making our brand come forward since everything is digitalized.

Let's understand what a Paid ad is?

Paid advertising is a way to showcase your business on the internet. You can display your ads on different platforms, such as Google search results, social media platforms, and websites. This allows you to reach a wider audience and inform them about your products or services. By renting this online space, you can effectively promote your business and connect with potential customers all around the world.

But, it isn’t really easy to just put up your advertisement and pay for it. There’s a process called ‘bidding’ where the highest payer for the particular space online will get the spot to put their ad, be it Google search engine or any other website. Algorithms changes consistently lead to changes in the relevance of the ad to user search results, and the bid amount.

To put it briefly in the frame,

  • You have to pay a publisher (Google Ads or Facebook Ads) to showcase your ad.
  • You can choose where your ad will appear and who has a glimpse on it.
  • Get people to click on your ad to learn more, or a proper Call to action.

Paid search advertising can deliver your message to your target audience quickly and effectively, allowing you to reach larger audiences and target demographics. If you’re thinking about managing your costs and whether it will be costly, you have total control over your advertising budget that can vary from time to time.

Your business will not only be able to achieve results through paid ads but also increase brand recognition. Paid search data can be used to inform and optimize other marketing channels too, making it a valuable addition to your overall marketing strategy.

Types of Paid Ads

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Your business needs a certain boost to keep your advertisements going. PPC ( Pay-Per-Click) is a form of online marketing where advertisers have to pay when a user clicks on the ads displayed on the webpage. Common PPC advertising includes search engines like Google Ads. When advertisers bid on keywords, their ads appear at the top of search engine results pages.

Social Media Advertising: Social Media Paid ads are particularly popular with keywords such as "sponsored," "promotion," or simply "ad.” Those advertisements can be shown through normal posts, videos, or carousels mentioning the keywords. These paid media campaigns are displayed on platforms for marketing content to a specific audience interested in your product or service.

It can absolutely help businesses from small to large scale to increase their brand awareness, reach out to new potential customers, and generate even more revenue.

Video Advertising: You must’ve come across 30-second video ads on YouTube, which are skippable, of course. But how do businesses make money from those skippable video advertisements? Well, those five seconds plays a crucial role in portraying your brand. It determines if your brand advertisement video is worth watching or not.

Video advertising can promote a brand, show how-to videos, and share customer reviews. It involves setting goals and planning how to use the videos to reach the target audience. After the reach of the video, it involves testing and analyzing the videos. So, if your video is not up to par, it’s a skippable ad.

The type of video advertisement shown depends on the customer. If the customer already uses your product, the video will show them new products or services. If the customer is new, the video will introduce your company and what you do.

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Display Advertising: Creating display advertising is like taking any chance you get. If your business needs advertising, display advertising is the way to go. Display advertising mainly appears on third-party websites and uses video, text, or any image for promotion. On any webpage, down below you can see a rectangular-shaped advertisement promoting a brand, which is called a banner ad. The ads that are displayed are aligned with the host website and the audience's preferences.

How do Paid Ads Drive Conversions In Online marketing?

Paid advertising comes under the spectrum of digital marketing. It provides several benefits to businesses through digital marketing. You can reach a larger audience for your business through platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

It drives immediate results, as the platforms provide analytics that allow businesses to accurately measure the success of their campaigns. Through algorithms, analytics can provide metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversions, which comes under digital marketing. It can help businesses improve and make informed decisions.

Paid ads are flexible. It gives businesses control over their budget, the duration of ads, and how frequently ads should be placed. This flexibility allows businesses to experiment with different strategies and gain more profit.

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