Things you should know about customer-centric marketing

Things you should know about customer-centric marketing

15 May 2024 | By - Sudha Mariappan
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There could be a lot of reasons customers can buy a product, it can be quality, reviews, or word of mouth. But would you believe us if we said there’s ‘the most’ important thing to consider when a customer can buy your product without any second thought?

The marketplace that we have today has endless options for consumers to choose from. So if you simply create a product, your business can’t flourish.

To make your customers buy your products immediately, you need to step up your game. As a businessperson, you need to surpass yourself to earn trust, loyalty, and long-living relationships.

Now this is where customer-centric marketing comes into play. It is a winning technique that places clients’ needs first to gain overall satisfaction.

What is customer-centric marketing?

To put in a scenario, you walk into a store. Instead of the salesperson giving you instructions for a general product and giving you sales pitches, you see that they suggest the perfect item that you need immediately.

Sounds pretty confusing, right?

It means taking your customers’ previous experiences with buying your product into consideration, and with that data you’ll know what your customers will need in their next purchase.

Customer centric marketing is gathering information from what social media platforms your customers are engaging with your brand, what kind of brand experiences you are offering, and how you can optimize that information to know about customers’ future purchases.

A simple meaning of it could be seeing the world from the customer’s point of view.

Brands performing customer-centric marketing:

Spotify: Spotify creates a unique approach for each listener. It was the first app to discover “Spotify wrapped” which allows customers to know what they have been listening to the whole year. There is a feature named “Discover Weekly," which has curated playlists that will anticipate your taste in music.

Nike: Nike has its membership program for gathering consumer details for further interactions. They don’t just sell shoes, they provide strength to sportsmen and women as well.

The local community comes together when it is time for a celebration of individual achievements or for connecting runners through their app named Nike Run Club which is personalized and has training plans unlike any other. This kind of arrangement retains customer loyalty that lasts longer.

Netflix: Netflix’s personalized moves to add more movies according to our taste. Is there any better example of customer-centric marketing than Netflix?

It isn’t just a whole library of movies and series. The app also takes time and effort to know about individual customer preferences and suggests movies and shows according to that, which is like a personalized television.

Netflix analyzes what you're viewing and suggests content that you will genuinely enjoy. This kind of focus on individual preferences keeps your users more engaged and increases its value as a brand.

Why is customer-centric marketing beneficial for your brand?

With so many benefits of customer-centric marketing around, let's see how having customer-centric marketing can be beneficial for you and your brand:

Customer will be Satisfied: When your business knows about your customer’s preferences and interests, you can use the data to pitch customers' interested products, it creates a sense of trust.

Customer-centric marketing creates positive experiences for your brand that will keep customers coming back for more.

Improved Brand Reputation: When your customers are satisfied with your brand, they will make a positive representation of it. It can help build genuine connections, and customers can use word of mouth for further brand visibility. Overall, it will help strengthen your brand reputation in the marketplace.

Customers stay for a long time: Loyal customers are more likely to stay for a long time due to their repeated purchases and spend more time with your brand. Customer-centric marketing will help you maintain these valuable relationships with your customers and make them have a long-lasting relationship with your brand.

Effective Marketing Campaigns: Tracking and gathering customers’ data will not only retain relationships but also help you create more effective marketing campaigns. You can personalize your text or recommend what the customers prefer, referring to our Netflix example.

This will create cost-effective marketing campaigns and lead to more sales leads and conversions.

Competitive Advantage: You can stay ahead of the curve with customer-centric marketing. Have you ever thought about your competitors? By giving utmost importance to your customers’ needs and preferences, not only can you build a loyal following, but also win over your competitors. In a crowded marketplace, customer-centric marketing sets you apart.

Not just a trend, it's the future of marketing: Using customer-centric marketing, you can build a long-lasting business that has a loyal customer base and unlock the full potential of your brand.

Building new strategies and marketing campaigns takes time and effort. If you think your brand needs help with building your business and creating new strategies, you can contact us at Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more insightful videos. Subscribe to us for more such blogs.

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